Trelay Cohousing Community

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Mutual home-ownership


South West


Trelay is a Cohousing Community near Crackington Haven, in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Trelay Farm is situated in rolling countryside with views along a wooded valley to the sea. There is a profusion of wild flowers and wildlife in the farm’s woodland and tree-lined banks. It is a working small-holding with 32 acres of land, with pigs, chickens, cows, sheep and various renewable energy projects. The farm grows fruit and vegetables following sustainable and organic principles.

Cohousing is a way of living which consciously brings individuals and families together to share common aims and activities, while also enjoying their own self-contained accommodation and personal space. Communities are a means of compensating for the alienating effects of modern life, where neighbours don’t recognise each other and where day-to-day collaboration is minimal. They offer particular benefits for children in terms of secure play-space and shared activities with their peers. Older people can also find companionship and mutual support.

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