Oxford Cohousing


Oxford Cohousing was formed in the summer of 2010. In early 2020 we received a grant from Homes England that has allowed us to employ a project team to do feasibility work on 2 potential sites in Oxford.  Over the past 20 months we have worked on three potential sites within the Oxford ring-road.  Two of them are owned by Oxford City’s Housing Company who have expressed interest in trying to accommodate us on a site.  The other site is privately owned.   After a great deal of work and most of the grant spent, all three sites have proved unsuitable.  The reasons vary but we are left very disappointed and the core group of people who have carried the organisation forward for 12 years is now considering its future.  There are some younger members who have joined recently and we are hoping that they have the energy and enthusiasm to continue to try to make cohousing happen in Oxford.  If you are interested in joining us, please go to our website.

  • Group Status: Developing
  • Location: South East
  • Website: http://www.oxfordcohousing.org.uk
  • Email: sarahmwestcott@phonecoop.coop

Group Types

Intergenerational, New build

Group Tenure

Home-ownership, Shared ownership, Social Rent