• Cohousing - A Guide for Individuals

    Experienced independent legal advice recommended for unconventional home ownership models such as MHOS

    Cohousing - A Guide for Individuals
  • Dutch Policy and Practice in Relation to Ageing and Cohousing

    Dutch Policy and Practice in Relation to Ageing and Cohousing
  • Housing Associations and Cohousing

    How to create inclusive, affordable, collaborative neighbourhoods for older people.

    Housing Associations and Cohousing
  • Community coaching

    Building skills for better homes and places in underserved neighbourhoods
    Community coaching
  • Opportunities in Cohousing Register

    You can now register your interest in opportunities to buy or rent a property in a new or existing cohousing development.
    Opportunities in Cohousing Register
  • UK's First Guide to Cohousing

    Free online copy of the Practical Guide to Cohousing and Basic Principles of Cohousing Design with UKCN membership.  Hard copy purchase also available.

    UK's First Guide to Cohousing
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    Welcome to the UK Cohousing Network website

    Cohousing schemes are intentional communities run by their residents. Each household as a self-contained home as well as shared community space and facilities. Cohousing can be a great way to live balancing privacy and highly sociable neighbourhood life. Originating in Denmark in the 1960s the movement has grown across Scandinavia, Germany and the United States. Cohousing is attracting alot of interest across the country and UK Cohousing Network is proud to be at the heart of this growing movement.

    Want to know more about cohousing?

    Community Led Homes

    Community Led Homes is a partnership project between UK Cohousing Network, the Confederation of Co-operative Housing, Locality, and the National Community Land Trust Network. Click here to get access to a whole library of resources, to find your local advice hub and be a part of the wider Community Led Housing movement.

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    About Cohousing

    Cohousing communities are intentional communities, created and run by their residents. Find out more about how they work and their benefits for health, well-being and net-zero lifestyles

    Cohousing in the UK and worldwide

    Cohousing began in Denmark. The first cohousing community was built in 1972 for 27 families, close to Copenhagen. Since then cohousing has spread across Scandinavia, Germany and the United States of America.

    Publications & Reports

    There is a growing body of literature on Cohousing including books, articles, journals from across the world. Find out more below.

    Case Studies

    Case studies are a great way to get a flavour of what cohousing life is all about. Members can get access to webinars and talks in the members area.

    Videos and Photos

    The cohousing movement has a range of videos about cohousing groups that offer insights into the opportunities and challenges of setting up cohousing groups.


    Here are some typical questions most people ask in starting out on the cohousing journey

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    Cohousing Schemes are often in the news winning awards! We also run a number of events throughout the year.

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