Join the UK Cohousing Network

In order to become a member you must:

  • Agree to support the aims of the UK Cohousing Network by advocating Cohousing and to express the views and meet the needs of its members.
  • Have a long term interest in living in a Cohousing community.
  • Be aged 16 or over.
  • Agree to our five primary principles listed below, and explained in detail here.
    1. Cohousing is co-designed with intentional communities
    2. Cohousing includes both the provision of private and common facilities providing a balance between privacy and communities
    3. The size and scale of cohousing is appropriate to support community dynamics for easy informal communal contact; this is usually between 10-40 households
    4. Cohousing embeds collective resident control and stewardship into its legal form and decision making
    5. Cohousing communities are inclusive and part of the wider community

To be approved as a member you must:

  • Pay your membership subscription.
  • Have your membership approved by the UK Cohousing Board Directors (this is done retrospectively at each board meeting).

Note: you can cancel your subscription renewal at any point by logging in to your account.

Group Membership

Ideal for established groups or those in development to become part of a learning community, benefits include:


/ year