Cambridge Cohousing, Marmalade Lane


Marmalade Lane: is Cambridge’s first cohousing community.

Completed in December 2018 on the site known during the development of Orchard Park as ‘K1’ with the assistance of enabling developer, TOWN. There are forty-two homes ranging from one bedroom apartments to four bedroom homes have been constructed. Most are owner-occupied, a few are rented.
Shared facilities include shared garden, workshop, gym, ‘Common House’ which include a large common house with a ‘great hall’ for community events, kitchen, playroom, three guest bedrooms, laundry, kids, lounge and a multi-purpose room and in a different part of the site a gym and workshop.

  • Group Status: Established
  • Location: Midlands & East
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Group Types

Eco, Intergenerational, New build

Group Tenure