A convivial and inclusive community of families committed to live together sustainably, caring for each other, build our collective home, while contributing to the social and cultural life of our neighbourhood



caring relationships and solidarity

community and sharing

inclusivity & openness (queer friendly, different age, background, race, gender, ability, language)

sustainability, frugality, simplicity, anti-consumerism



to create affordable housing for at least 6 or 7 families (ie Individual housing units with some shared facilities)

to experience a more collective way of living and raising children

to practice forms of collective governance that contribute to a caring community & society

to practice and experiment with more sustainable, simple and frugal ways of living

to grow and learn individually and as a group from this collective process

to connect with the neighbourhood and making a positive contribute to it


General description

We currently have a core group of 4 households (11 people; 2 cats). Many of us have a background in the built environment and in community-led processes in different sectors and roles.

  • Group Status: Established
  • Location: London
  • Website:
  • Email: mingacohousing@gmail.com

Group Types


Group Tenure

Home-ownership, Mutual home-ownership