Chapeltown Cohousing (ChaCo)


ChaCo’s plans and values have all been shaped by Chapeltown – our amazing neighbourhood – with its rainbow of cultures and ethnicities, its strong sense of identity and its almost unparalleled lack of income. So as well as the usual cohousing drivers of Sharing and Sustainability, our list of values also refers to Diversity, Affordability and Empowerment.

ChaCo is a housing cooperative, with all residents having an equal say and responsibility in all the major decision-making. Some of the properties are fully rented, but the majority are shared ownership, as this was the only way we could raise enough capital to pay for the development costs. However, the co-op retains at least some of the value of every unit, which helps to ensure that units are not sold on to people who are not committed to our values.

Ideally, in years to come when some of the loans have been paid off, ChaCo will be able to buy back some of the shared properties, thus increasing the availability of rented accommodation, which is more in demand locally.


  • Group Status: Established
  • Location: Yorkshire & Humber
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Group Types

Co-operative, Eco, Intergenerational, New build

Group Tenure

Rental, Shared ownership