Lilac MHOS Leeds


Lilac is a co-housing community of 20 eco-build households in West Leeds. The homes and land are managed by residents through a Mutual Home Ownership Society, a pioneering financial model that ensures permanent affordability.

Low Impact: the homes are built with a low-carbon modern method of construction using panel timber walls insulated with strawbale. This significantly reduced the CO2 emitted during construction. Many of the members were involved in the build process after the structural timber was assembled and were able to assist in adding the strawbales. Each property has a “Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery System” (MVHR), which enables the indoor air quality to remain high without having to open the windows. Lilac residents share many aspects of their lives to support it’s low impact ethos. For instance through car sharing; pooling equipment and tools; sharing meals  and looking to the local area to provide as many needs as possible.

Affordable: A Mutual Home Ownership Scheme is a new way of owning a stake in the housing market. It is designed to bring the bottom rung of the property ladder back within reach of households on modest incomes in areas where they are priced out of the housing market. It is designed to remain permanently affordable for future generations. Members of the society are the residents who live in the homes it provides. The society and not the individuals obtain the mortgage and so borrowing is cheaper.

Community: The common house is at the heart of the community, and includes communal cooking and eating facilities, laundry facilities, meeting space, play area, office and guest rooms. Green spaces – allotments, pond, a shared garden and a children’s play area – are also important to community interaction.

  • Group Status: Established
  • Location: Yorkshire & Humber
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Group Types

Co-operative, Eco

Group Tenure

Mutual home-ownership