Cohousing Harrow


We are a group actively working together to develop a Cohousing Project in Harrow.

Cohousing Harrow is a community from diverse backgrounds in terms of age, ethnicity, religion, employment status, interests, outlooks and abilities.  We want to create an intentional community and be part of the growing movement towards cohousing across the UK and abroad.

We have come together to develop a community which values our diversity, creates good neighbours, supports future generations and inspires the wider community in North West London and surrounding areas. We intend to build good quality, affordable, and sustainable housing which meets a variety of needs in terms of space, mixed financial structuring, and our shared values.

We are currently actively searching for a suitable site for between 20 and 35 homes.

We welcome interest from potential new members and during 2023 we will be running a number of outreach and onboarding events.

  • Group Status: Forming
  • Location: London
  • Website:
  • Email:

Group Types

Eco, Intergenerational

Group Tenure

Mutual home-ownership, Social Rent