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South West


North Somerset, intentional community, with capital

We are two individuals at the beginning, putting plans in place, starting a chapter towards……
Shared living/fractional ownership/ intentional community (look at Wikipedia COHOUSING)
In North Somerset.

You will need to have drive, energy, capital, possibly a concern about your old age, a desire to build a family of ‘friends’ supporting each other, and be in a position to meet and participate now with a view to getting the project going as soon as possible. If you think you might be interested further down the line please send us your details to keep on file.

The priorities at present
• To look for property in North Somerset
• To work towards developing a site into individual units
• To commence as soon as possible
• To be supportive of constant expansion (not necessarily on the same site)
• To be open to the idea of business being run (dependant on the site)

Although we have sympathies with living off the land, community living and alternative energy this is not what this is about. It’s more ‘"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts"

Anna Fraenkel

Last amended 22-01-2019

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