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Case Studies

Lancaster Cohousing

Whilst the team is busy preparing a full case study of Lancaster Cohousing, we have copied a few resources for those of you too impatient to know more of their story.

Springhill Kitchen

David and Helen  wanted to set up a new build cohousing community, closer to the Cohousing model. They wanted to  create a kibbutz like experience but with more personal independence and to be urban. They were motivated by the success of Frankleigh House.
At first it was to be in Bradford on Avon near Frankleigh House but after their move to Stroud, because of their children, that become the new location.

Laughton Lodge

Welcome to the Community Project. This document aims to introduce you to the project, explaining who we are, what we are hoping to achieve and how we are trying to do it. We are a group of people who have jointly purchased a site and converted it into 21 homes. The project is situated on the edge of the small village of Laughton in East Sussex.