Register for Cohousing Opportunities in the UK

(Available to members and non-members)

We increasingly get approached by developers, local authorities, government, investors and community groups checking for interest and demand for cohousing before committing to a scheme. This simple registration form enables individuals and families interested in being contacted if opportunities for new cohousing schemes come up in their local areas. The register helps us encourage future cohousing schemes by being able to give a general picture of potential. We can then, with your approval, connect you with groups/developers/housing associations in locations you have chosen to explore projects further. We will not share your specific details directly with other parties without your consent first. Data is kept for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which it was processed.

Once you’ve completed the register you can see your responses via email confirmation and can change and adjust your responses by resubmitting the form.

If you want to come off the register please contact

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