On The Brink Co-Housing Community Interest Company


We have established a Cohousing Community in Nether Edge, Sheffield by developing and creating a community in which members have their own individual living space. There are communal spaces for sharing cooking, eating, gardening, meeting, relaxing and having fun together as well as sharing with the wider community in a variety of ways.

We are working to develop a social and sustainable intergenerational community based on companionship, ecological awareness and mutual respect for each other in all our diversity.

We use clear decision making and conflict resolution guidelines to promote tolerance, safety, respect, trust cooperation, good communication and social cohesion.

We have created a space to provide opportunities for the sharing of resources, work, mutual care, creativity, leisure and recreation and the development and promotion of everyone’s abilities and strengths.

We have repurposed a large Victorian building creating 11 dwellings and adding 5 new houses to complete the project. We are using resources, in an ecological and sustainable way.

We have created a community which can be a model for other cohousing groups and to engage with the wider community in promoting ideas of community and sustainability.

We are growing plants for food and decoration, caring for and sustainably managing our natural environment of 1.4 acres.

We are having fun, and continue to enjoy, learn from and share expertise and skills with each other.

We have lived in Brincliffe House for 2 years and have now completed our recruitment of members with all properties now sold or rented. Our community is made up of 19 adults and 6 children from 5 to 74.

COVID 19 has had a significant impact on our evolving community and will continue to pose challenges which we will tackle together.

Size: 16
Tenure Types: Home ownership, Rental

  • Group Status:
  • Location: Yorkshire & Humber
  • Website: https://www.onthebrink.community/
  • Email: otbcohousing@gmail.com

Group Types


Group Tenure

Home-ownership, Rental