East Anglia CoHo


A callout to gather other individuals and families. Right at the beginning of the CoHo journey but am interested in and motivated to develop a trauma-informed, diverse and inclusive community of people (from all financial backgrounds, neurodiverse, LGBTQ+, BIPOC, know I’ll be missing important minorities here but its a start) who want to find a property in East Anglia to call home as we head into End Times and beyond. Collapse and climate crisis aware, working towards co-sufficiency with the local community wherever we land and seeking to live lightly. A desire for us to bring in spiritual (not religious) principles and work with the groups highest good (God, the divine, whatever you call that universal creative force) to come to decisions and build mutually beneficial ways of living alongside each other. I will lean into 12 steps and traditions of AA as a guide in the first instance as these have been proven globally to enable disparate folk to come together for the greater good.

My intention is to gather people and needs first, establish practices TOGETHER second, find a property third. Get in touch if this speaks to you!


NB the project marker on the map was required yet there is no geographical location for us yet, that comes last!

  • Group Status: Forming
  • Location: Midlands & East
  • Website:
  • Email: rosiethewayfinder@protonmail.com

Group Types

Co-operative, Eco, Intergenerational, LGBT, Refurb, Retrofit

Group Tenure

Mutual home-ownership