Seeking others who wish to ‘coddiwomple’ together towards fulfilling their own cohousing dream (Cohousing Coddiwomple – so Coco!). In case it’s not clear from the image – coddiwomple is a hilarious English slang word meaning ‘to travel purposefully towards an as-yet-unknown destination.’

The intention of this listing is simply to gather folk together who have been harbouring a dream of a new way of life but are either unsure, under resourced or lacking in focus, knowledge or connections to make progress. The hope is to offer drop-in gatherings for all those seeking to live in cohousing in East Anglia on Sunday mornings on a fortnightly basis (one online and one in Norwich). We can then start together to explore the questions we hold and the obstacles we face, and vision what it is that we really want for ourselves. There is no-one in charge, no land procured, no design or desire to form one community group moving towards one destination. All outcomes are welcome and encouraged – perhaps study groups might form, or research projects, maybe new friendships. Two or three separate communities might be birthed as people reach clarity on what it is that is wanted and possible, and what isn’t.

My name is Rosie, I live locally to Norwich and I’m already a little way along that journey, now seeking other travel companions! I have collected a number of resources and ideas as I’ve travelled which I’m looking forward to sharing with others, and keen to hear what others have been gathering too. I trust that as we assemble, we can share the service work it takes to organise ourselves. The necessary structure and co-ordination it takes to make progress will emerge from those that are active and able. 

  • Group Status: Forming
  • Location: Midlands & East
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Group Types

CLT, Co-operative, Eco, Intergenerational, LGBT, Refurb, Retrofit

Group Tenure

Mutual home-ownership, Shared ownership