Bullocks Ley


I’m actually a group of one at the moment but looking for others to buy 1/4 shares. The barn was converted with community in mind and contains 4 private ‘apartments’ and an exceptional amount of communal space. It sits in its own plot of 8 acres in a ‘special landscape area’ of open countryside in north Suffolk and offers huge potential for those looking for a more sustainable and co-operative lifestyle.
I’m currently running the place as a retreat centre for groups (see website) but this would cease if/when the property passes into joint ownership.

  • Group Status: Established
  • Location: Midlands & East
  • Website: https://www.bullocks-ley.co.uk/
  • Email: mark@markdbrown.co.uk

Group Types

Eco, Intergenerational, Self-build

Group Tenure

Shared ownership