Cohousing in the news

The Millers’ tale

Martina Lees meets the group behind one of Britain’s first cohousing projects: an eco-village in Essex, designed for their retirement. Tip? Start planning in your forties.

Want a happy old age? Get your friends to be your neighbours!

That’s just what empty nesters are now doing — swapping a lonely retirement for a life near companions who really do care.

Sixty, female and all living under one roof (just don’t call it a commune)

Meet the women challenging preconceptions of older women as passive and past it.

A sense of belonging: the case for more communal living in the UK

Cohousing offers people the chance to be part of a community – something many feel is lacking in wider society.

‘I find myself once again living a lie’ – older LGBT people need safe housing

Many gay and lesbian people have faced years of discrimination. They have a right to appropriate housing and support as they age.

Better housing can help tackle the crisis of loneliness in older people

In some parts of the UK, 80% of over-55s say they feel isolated, but well-designed transport, public spaces and street furniture can make a difference.

UK’s first senior co-housing project

Nearly 20 years ago, a group of women aged over 50 decided to take control of how and where they lived in their older years.

Only old girls allowed in first of its kind co-housing development

Many of us worry about getting older and how we will manage, perhaps on our own.

London’s first ‘co-housing’ project is a triumph

Six families took the plunge and built their houses together. The result is Copper Lane.

Cohousing: ‘It makes sense for people with things in common to live together’

New housing scheme offering older people the chance to live independently but in a shared community will open to residents next year.

How to create happy communities through co-housing

A tiny but growing movement is seeking to build and develop new urban neighbourhoods based on sustainable living and mutually supportive communities. Could this end the isolation associated with the modern era?

The age of loneliness is killing us

For the most social of creatures, the mammalian bee, there’s no such thing now as society.

Copper Lane review – an appealing, harmonious, cost-effective model for communal living

London's first co-housing project strikes an elegant balance between communal living and leafy seclusion.

Observer Ethical Awards 2014 winners: Lancaster Cohousing

Jon Sear from the winners of the Community Energy Project Award sponsored by National Grid on its community benefits.

Top 10 eco homes: Lilac

With the help of a panel of experts we've chosen 10 candidates for the UK's best eco home.

Loneliness is killing us – we must start treating this disease

A report says loneliness is more deadly than obesity – the challenge now is to help lonely people connect.

Loneliness twice as unhealthy as obesity for older people, study finds

Scientists found that the loneliest were nearly twice as likely to die during their six-year study than the least lonely.

‘Sociable’ housing helps older people remain in the community

Cohousing and Homeshare can be ideal for older people who want a wider social life than care homes can provide.

Co-housing: a lifestyle with community spirit built into the foundations

Co-housing, which began in Denmark in the 1960s, is spreading as a lifestyle choice across Britain.

Come together: Could communal living be the solution to our housing crisis?

Sarah Morrison visits five of the country's 'alternative' co-habitational projects to find out.

Cohousing offers a healthier way to live and a more sustainable business model

The Lancaster Cohousing development is testament to the passion, practicality and persistence of its members.

Why housing associations shouldn’t be afraid of cohousing

Putting the days of communes and hippies behind them, co-ops are becoming increasingly popular. Anita Pati finds out why cohousing is taking off.

‘It’s like a mini Centre Parcs!’

Imagine a community where you like your neighbours. You share meals and your children grow up together. Joanna Moorhead on the growth in cohousing.

Could cohousing transform affordable housing in an era of no money?

Experimenting with shared amenities can save space and money and help to develop strong, supportive and vibrant communities, says Toby Lloyd.

Communal living: Love thy neighbourhood

Share your car, share childcare costs, share energy bills, but still enjoy the privacy of your own home. Welcome to the new age of communal living. Miles Brignall reports.

‘It’s about forgetting the numbers’

Welcome to the retirement home of the future. Hester Lacey visits six friends who have thrown in their lot together under one roof as an experiment in creative ageing.