Oxford Cohousing September Update

We’ve done it!  We made the deadline for submission of our second-stage bid to buy 16 – 17 acres of land in Oxford.  The land, owned by Birmingham City Council, went on the market earlier this year, with a two-stage bidding process.  Our first bid went in in May and we were shortlisted with two other organisations for the second-stage bidding process.  It’s been a huge amount of complex work, led by our Project Manager, Jimm Reed, and our development partner, TOWNhus, ably assisted by some of our members, but we’ve arrived at an agreed sum for our second bid and this was submitted to Birmingham by today’s deadline!  Phew!  If we are successful – and we’ll hear in late September – we will start working on our finalised design for the built environment, recruiting new members, getting the finances lines up – yet more, but very exciting, work! Anyone interested in knowning more, please go to our website www.oxfordcohousing.org.uk