Land, Community and Homes: Future Social Housing Debate

How self-commissioned housing could make Scotland better and more sociable – From Cohousing to Buildgroups, what’s happening and how they work

Thursday 12 May 6pm – The Old Lab, Summerhall Edinburgh  EH9 1PL

An evening of relaxed discussion to investigate the possibilities of new ways to generate housing that can be more social and supportive of the residents. The debate will focus on self-commissioned models like co-housing and build groups that have become mainstream in Europe and are increasing in the UK, with projects in development in Scotland.

A panel of users, practitioners and enablers will present their work and thoughts before opening the floor to a discussion on what could happen here, in Edinburgh and Scotland, and what it could achieve. These will include Diarmaid Lawlor of Architecture and Design Scotland, and Maria Brenton of the Cohousing Network and a key member of the imminent OWCH senior co-housing scheme in North London.

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