Anna’s Blog – June 2016

Anna Kear, Executive Director

Short version as I’m currently away in my camper van.

Highlight of the month was the warm welcome I got in Leeds in mid May. I was asked to speak at the first Locality community led housing open days at Leeds University followed by a visit to Lilac

I stayed the night before this event at Laura Moss’s house and Wrigley’s decided to host an informal cohousing evening in a local pub. Over 30 people turned up and it was brilliant. There were people from Lilac, ChaCo, On the Brink, Shangrileeds, Five Rivers, Bradford, Lancaster, Manchester Urban and Shirle Hill as well as many cohousing supporters and associates. I tried to speak with everyone and I’m sure we started what will become a regular local event.

I also had the opportunity to visit the ChaCo site and meet many of the group in the afternoon. I was very well looked after by Bill Phelps who kindly met me at the station.

Our funding for the remaining year from the Tudor Trust was confirmed at a meeting on 5th May, as they were pleased with what had been achieved and the plans for the year ahead. We are also making progress with our Charity Commission application.

Later in the month I visited Bristol Cohousing and saw their development plans which are currently in for planning.