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14th Mar 2017

We are trying to find active energetic people aged 55 to 75 who are interested in creating a small co-housing community in urban Bristol.

23rd Jan 2017

Five Rivers Cohousing wants to include in its scheme some properties available for rent, including to those who may require Housing Benefit.

25th Nov 2016

HAB Housing [Happyness Architecture Beauty] are developing a range of terraced and semi-detached houses and apartments in Graven Hill near Bicester. The scheme is being developed by Cherwell District Council and is the UK's leading custom build project.

4th Oct 2016

Hi all, we're in the early stages of developing our project, looking for sites, etc.  We have recently changed from senior-only to intergenerational, and wish to attract new members outside our range of contacts.  Can we ask for ideas as to how to attract new members. 

8th Aug 2016

We are the Bronllys Well Being Park Steering Group and we hope to develop our Park adjacent to this wonderful opportunity for Cohousing. Pont y  Wal ,Mansion House, Bronllys Hospital 

29th Jun 2016

Hi, a few of us in St. Leonards are interested in a large property with 7 flats (one 3 bed and 6 one bed) in a huge house with garden near beach and station. The idea is to have a small cohousing community, and we are looking for a few more interested people.

6th Jun 2016

UKCN have been contacted by a cohousing group.  Their query is 'Would you be able to advice us on buildings insurance? We are currently paying about 300% more than average buildings insurance for a home, because we are "non-standard"... this just doesn't make sense to us.

13th May 2016

I'm looking for people who are interested in co-housing in the Northampton area. I'm right at the "thinking about it" stage and would like to chat to others' who are interested in some kind of shared living arrangment.

12th Apr 2016

We are looking to develop a small cohousing project in Walsall, West Midlands.  We have found a suitable property and would therefore hope to move within the next 6 months.  If you might be interested in this project and would like to discuss it further please leave a message.

6th Apr 2016

I am very active though officially retired, interested in exploring the possibility of becoming part of an intergenerational co-housing. Love the idea of living with a range of ages! Right now, anywhere would work for me, as long as not too far from nearest village/town (with an indoor pool!)

11th Jun 2015

I am hoping to start a conversation with people who live in Ipswich and know about Co-Housing? Anyone out there? Barry Fowler

11th Jun 2015

19th – 21st June

This weekend has become a regular on our calendar and something of a tradition. An opportunity for the ‘friends’ team and our lovely venerable Threshold farmhouse to welcome visitors old and new to relax, rejuvenate and reflect.

5th Jun 2015

We are forming a new co-housing group in the south of Scotland with a view to starting a project in the Edinburgh – Moffat – Dunbar area. More details at Come and join us – Colin, Liz and Michele.

21st May 2015

Southside Housing Association have offered to give us the above mix of tenure and ownership if we can get a legal framework which allows us to choose who becomes part of our community, and works for Southside HA.

We are looking for members who are interested in joining us.

26th Apr 2015

Sussex Cohousing has relaunched its website with fuller information about the project:

31st Mar 2015

Elder, moving from here soon – calling like beings and hearts socially and ethically conscious green living and being, and interested in forming core group for cohousing project and/or other form of community living with others inspired to go for it, commited Elders still fighting for this natura

17th Mar 2015

I would like to be involved in setting up a loving supportive community. My son and I have an understanding of the a Three Principles and live with an intention of loving kindness. We need to build a community of loving non judgemental beings. My son is 25, I am 48.

16th Mar 2015

We are hoping to set up a co-housing group in Cirencester, Glos, with a view to developing a co-housing community here. There are only a few of us so far and we’re looking for others who are interested.

9th Mar 2015

For all those interested in being residents and/or active participants in CLFC eco-village project.

24th Feb 2015

We are exploring the idea of few 50-60 years old wanting to build our own community together, it's open for couples as well as singles, we already own the woodland in Crowmarch (Oxfordshire), OX10 6QG, 10 miles from Henley on Thames, 15 Miles from Oxford/Reading and 45 Miles from London

16th Feb 2015

Vivarium has a site for its Pilot Project at last.

Campion Homes have negotiated the purchase of Trynmuir which lies between Cupar, a market town, and Cuparmuir, a hamlet.

26th Jan 2015

We are a couple in our seventies, retired professionals, fit and healthy and deeply involved in green issues, sustainability, simple living and green spirituality.

12th Jan 2015

Myself and partner Lynn would like to meet other people to combine resources to join or establish a cohousing scheme in Bristol or North Somerset.

6th Jan 2015
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26th Nov 2014

Seeking others to join a newly founded cohousing project, with a view to develop a new cohousing community in or near Derby. 

27th Oct 2014

New members welcome

We are a group of active forward-looking 50+ preparing to live socially and environmentally sustainable lives.