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Funded by the Nationwide Foundation, this is a two year programme, starting in 2016, to help community groups in England in the critical... Read more
On August 21st 2015, Sarah Hewitt, the UK Cohousing Network's memberships and communications officer explained the role of the UK Cohousing... Read more
On May 8th we held another of lunchtime webinars, this time exploring what cohousing is and how to join or start a cohousing community.... Read more
If you have decided that Cohousing is for you (see about cohousing), there are three ways to make a reality of that decision. Join an... Read more
Senior Cohousing- Opportunities and Obstacles with Maria Brenton. On Friday 5th December  2014, the Cohousing Lunchtime Webinar featured a... Read more
Attached is a brief description of the different community led housing models. It's not an exclusive list and its intended to help ... Read more
Cohousing is a flexible approach with different options on how to create the physical environment where people will live. Options include:... Read more
The UK Cohousing Network has produced the attached key resource to explain: What cohousing is about  The key design principles of cohousing... Read more
Introduction "Making choices now, before others start making them for you" Senior cohousing is a positive choice for some older people. It... Read more