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Funded by the Nationwide Foundation, this is a two year programme, starting in 2016, to help community groups in England in the critical... Read more
Friday Lunchtime Webinar Recording Gill and Perry from Rhizome Coop gave a brilliant introductory overview of effective decision making... Read more
On 18th September the UK Cohousing Network's lunchtime webinar focused on social media for cohousing groups.  The one hour training... Read more
On August 21st 2015, Sarah Hewitt, the UK Cohousing Network's memberships and communications officer explained the role of the UK Cohousing... Read more
Seeds for Change: A brilliant site, with a whole bunch of documents on consensus decision-making, meeting organisation and campaigning: all... Read more
On May 8th we held another of lunchtime webinars, this time exploring what cohousing is and how to join or start a cohousing community.... Read more
Attached is a webinar recording of a presentation describing the current funding options available to cohousing groups for feasibility and... Read more
Developing a professional team RIBA, the professional body for architects has helpful guidance about commissioning an architect http://www... Read more
Planning The passing of the Localism Act has had major implications for planning law in the UK. Key features of the new system include;... Read more
  Site Search Criteria Alongside preparation of a business plan, this is the key task at this stage. The more open minded the group, the... Read more
Finance and risk This is a good moment to consider how you will deal with finance and the associated risk. You will need to consider: No... Read more
To be taken seriously by funders, potential development partners such as Housing Associations, many professionals an some potential members... Read more
1. Develop your group so that it is an effective size Not too small, not too big. At this stage you want a group where everyone is... Read more
Cohousing can make a considerable and valuable contribution to local planning objectives. The Neighbourhood Planning process empowers local... Read more
If you have decided that Cohousing is for you (see about cohousing), there are three ways to make a reality of that decision. Join an... Read more
This is a recording of a short webinar about how the Lilac community in Leeds came into being. The webinar is hosted by the UK Cohousing... Read more
Choosing the Right Legal Structure for your Cohousing Project – with WrigleysLLP. On Friday 20th February the Cohousing Lunchtime Webinar... Read more