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Chuck Durrett talk in Edinburgh - senior cohousing - 11 September

Jo Gooding

Chuck Durrett will be visiting the UK and giving a talk to the developing cohousing group, Vivarium.  There are a few more places if people are interested and can travel.  Here's the info (also attached as flyer). Great opportunity.



You are invited to a talk by CHARLES DURRETT on Co-Housing for older people


Growing Old Together

Jo Gooding


One of a selection of influential new publications on a range of themes related to ageing, housing for older and disabled people.

Growing Older Together

This illuminating paper provides a summary of a workshop held in March 2013, supported by the Housing LIN, on the development of co-operative and mutual housing for older people. The resultant findings succinctly pull together the contributions from presenters and invited delegates and calls for a Plan of Action to:

Research project seeks households engaged in group self- and custom build programmes

Jo Gooding

 Michaela Benson, lecturer in sociology at the University of York is currently running a research project on self- and custom build in the UK today. This draws on a wide understanding of selfbuild that is intended to capture both individual and co-housing projects as well as the diversity of ways that people actually invest in the building of their homes.


Nationwide Foundation Empty Homes Funding

Jo Gooding

Empty Homes Funding Programme

The Nationwide Foundation has an Empty Homes Programme to target the hundreds of thousands of long term empty homes and many more commercial properties that could be used as homes. The Nationwide Foundation will fund organisations turning such properties into safe, decent homes for people in need.


Deadline for applications 30th June 2013.

Funding Criteria

Who can apply