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Bridport December Update

Rachel Bollen

A lot has happened for Bridport cohousing group since the summer. We presented our plans to the planners in August, but as we had previously had extensive dialogue with them, our application held no surprises. We are hopeful for a response to our application by 17th December, but the indications are that, because of the pressure on the section caused by funding cuts, it could be February before we hear.

Cohousing Woodside December Update

Rachel Bollen

Burgeoning interest in this scheme over recent months has meant that we have already reached a critical mass of two-thirds of our eventual prospective buyers. Nowadays, our own publicity seems to be not quite so vital, as we are finding that more and more people who have cottoned on to the term 'cohousing' proceed to google it to find where it is being done in London. So demand seems to be pretty high and our meetings are well attended by keen, interested people looking for community.

OWCH December Update

Rachel Bollen

OWCH members are set full steam ahead to move in by early 2016 to 25 flats in High Barnet.  At our winter party on Dec 14, newcomers were able to see a model of the scheme (see attached), made by one of our members who has worked in the National Theatre scenery department for years.

Coho Lunctime Webinar: 'Burning Souls' drop-in support session for people at the fron

Between 12pm - 1pm


It can be a lonely and daunting job pioneering a cohousing/community led housing project. Let's create a regular drop in peer support session. We promise to bring along to each session an experienced activist to help sooth your woes and give shape to your dreams!


Government announces local authority custom build vanguards

Jo Gooding

Local Authorities are already required to 'identify and meet the needs' of people seeking to self build under the Localism Act 2012. The Coalition Government has since announced the intention to introduce a new Right to Build requiring local authorities to provide a serviced plot for self builders (backed by a £150 million support fund for local authorities and £30 million Custom Build (loan) Fund).

Lancaster Cohousing wins at Observer Ethical Awards 2014

Jo Gooding

Lancaster Cohousing has swooped up yet another national award winning the Oberver 2014 Ethical Award in the Community Energy Category.


Big congratulations from UKCN to everyone at Lancaster Cohousing.


Read here for more information in this weeks Oberver news article covering the awards and runner ups ( great new picture of the common house as well).