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Membership FAQs

Want to know a bit more about how membership of the UK Cohousing Network works? Here are some of our most popular questions, but please get in touch with our memberships officer if you have a different query.


I’I have applied for membership but can’t sign in to the website, why?

All membership applications need to be approved by the Directors of the Network. Once this has been done, we will send you your membership pack, which includes your account details.

Our group is struggling financially to meet commitments, but  we do not want to be excluded from membership, what can we do?

The UKCN are really keen to promote access to the cohousing model. While we have set realistic membership fees to contribute to the costs of providing vital membership services and help sustain activities, we are aware the some groups may struggle to meet these costs. Please contact Anna for some suggestions on your financial position.

My cohousing group has group membership, and I would like to apply for individual membership/ associate membership. Is this possible?

Yes. Please make a note in your application of the name of the group/community that you are involved with.

Our cohousing group is in the very early stages of formation. Can we apply for membership of the Cohousing Network to help us?

Yes! If the group meets our required criteria, we welcome you to the Network. As part of the application process, we will ask you a few questions about the group’s intentions, vision and about how you operate, before passing the application to the Directors of the Cohousing Network to approve.


I’I have signed up for website account online, is this the same as membership?

No, signing up for a website account is different from being a paid member of the Cohousing Network. Membership of the Cohousing Network gives you a lot more than access to the website, such as a full group profile on the UK Cohousing Network website (with 4,000 new visitors a month this is a must), a marketing pack to assist with communication and group member recruitment, discount on project tours and learning events. Visit our membership page for more information.

How do I edit our group page on the website?

First of all you need to make sure you are listed as one of the group administrators for your groups page. If you are not sure about this, please contact to double check. Once you are confirmed as being one of the group administrators, you should be able to log in, navigate to the part of the group page you wish to edit, and select the edit tab. For more detailed instructions, please contact the

Will our group page on the UKCN website be removed if we do not apply for membership of the Network?

Groups who are not members of the UKCN will have a limited profile, with a photograph and a very short summary. This will not be a full page to sell property, recruit members, advertise events, share pictures and news. To upgrade to a full page you would need to become a group member of the Network.

I would like to advertise the services of our company on the UKCN website but we are not an Associate Member, can we do this.

Yes, non-associate members can advertise in the directory for a fee of £200. Alternatively, you could become Associate members, which includes a free listing as well as the other benefits of becoming a UKCN member such as networking events with potential clients.


How can I get more involved in the activities of the Network?

The UKCN has a diverse range of ongoing work, and we really value any input you can give us. We always need contributions for our blog from developing and established groups as well as on other cohousing related issues. From time to time we are hoping to organise UKCN scheduled cohousing tours, and any input and assistance with this would be fantastic. We are always keen keen to hear from people with strong knowledge of the cohousing model and specialisms in; group facilitation, marketing, financial modeling, development process and with strategic connections in the housing and regeneration industries and government. Finally, you could also think about becoming a director if you are a Group or Individual Member of UKCN (see below).

When are the next elections for positions on the UKCN board?

UKCN board elections will take place in July 2015 and we will shortly be inviting expressions of interests from UKCN Group and Individual members.