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Membership of the UK Cohousing Network

Cohousing in the UK is gathering a lot of momentum and the UK Cohousing Network is proud to be at the heart of this exciting movement. If we work together we can help to achieve the objective of building more cohousing communities. Joining the Network as a member will help to shape the future of the cohousing movement, as well as giving you access to support and benefits reserved only for our supporters.

Which Membership is right for me?

We have three membership options: Friend, Group, and Associate. If you are unsure about which membership category most suits your situation, please contact

Friend Group Associate
Support the aims of the Network Support the aims of the network Support the aims of the Network
Have a long-term interest in living in a cohousing community


Be either: a forming, new or existing cohousing community


Be an organisation like a VCS body, housing provider, academic institution, private business, consultancy engaged in cohousing related activities


  Or an un/incorporated corporate body or partnership able to demonstrate cohousing principles in governing documents Do not meet the criteria for Friend of Group membership
  NB Group membership does not exclude individuals from groups applying for Friend membership as well
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Please note, it is a requirement of all three-membership options to support the aims of the UK Cohousing Network (listed below).

Definition of Cohousing

The UK Cohousing Network defines cohousing as; ‘A type of intentional community, composed of self-contained homes supplemented by shared facilities. The community is planned and managed by residents.’

The UK Cohousing Network will:

• Champion the cohousing model: providing a range of advice to anyone interested in creating or enabling cohousing developments, to raise the profile of cohousing with planners, local authorities and houisng associations and to improve delivery partnerships. We will lobby key decision makers on important issues and increase strategic awareness of the cohousing model.
• Provide hands-on support: by offering and delivering services and resources, to support groups to create new cohousing communities and to maintain existing communities.
• Facilitate peer-to-peer learning: helping members to build networks, share experiences, learn from and support each other.

Recent UK Cohousing Network achievements:

  • Secured resources to achieve the above Network objectives.
  • Hosted networking and technical assistance events and spoken at national and regional conferences to
  • Secured high profile media coverage on cohousing
  • Launched the new look cohousing website and published tailored resources to support cohousing development
  • Established a Cohousing Research Network and atracted funding from ESRC to deliver a programme of six research webinars exploring thematic areas in detail.
  • Campaigned for the extension of community project support funding to community led groups seeking to apply for planning permission

* Membership terms, benefits and costs are reviewed by the UK Cohousing Network board of directors annually in January.