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Manchester Urban Cohousing (MUCH)

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Manchester Urban Cohousing (MUCH) will be a mutually supportive and sustainable co-housing community for people aged over 50 in a suitable location, in South Manchester. We aim to create co-housing which promotes our wellbeing and enables us to continue to thrive. We want to live in our co-housing homes for as long as we are able to sustain an independent life with support from each other and outsiders. We will ensure that the design of our homes and shared indoor and outside spaces enable us to meet our future mobility and other needs.

The focus is on finding a site and raising money. The group will have to work up a business plan and may have commissioned some feasibility studies. They may have their first experience of small scale contracts with professionals. This stage ends when a ‘definite’ site is found. There may be several iterations of this stage.

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