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Cardiff Cohousing

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Fairwater Connections

Cohousing Cardiff  is reforming – developing community where we live … in Fairwater

Who are we:  a group of friends who are consciously deciding to live near each other. Either we already live or intend to move into the Fairwater area of Cardiff. 

Why: we want to develop and increase our group of like-minded people who will help each other live healthy, bigger lives and at the same time use less of the earth’s resources. 

How: Through activities which are both practical and enjoyable we can develop the trust and friendship to generally look out for each other, perhaps offer and receive help when needed, and expand the options for fun in life!

  • Sharing goods, lawnmowers, even cars
  • Growing veg, mending and re-using all sorts of things from clothes to tools,
  • Supporting each other when needed – from feeding someone’s cat to fetching the milk

Where to Start: initially, through linking in with each other for coffee and chat. Plus dipping into the wide variety of existing activities going on in the area in whatever way feels right  – anything that grows friendships

  • the community garden,food coop, Friends of the Dell
  • the community centre’s classes, Yoga, Bollywood Dance
  • Pentrebane and Fairwater Festival, Goodies with Hoodies

Where is this going: As the network of local connections and cooperation grows we can work towards getting a place for making happen the things we love doing – including chatting while eating together - a co-house!

ski slope in Fairwater Park, the Dell


What is Cohousing: it’s about actively developing community around the place we live – everyone in their own home (not a commune) but in addition jointly running a space for building and cementing those relationships that will feed us throughout life, the ‘co-house’. 

Why Fairwater: great affordable housing with big gardens (good for BBQs and growing veg), lots of green space, plus the city within easy reach.

How to link up with us: We are actively recruiting interested people and our first meeting will be Thursday June  26th 5pm in Fairwater Library. We will very briefly run an AGM and then get to know each other through chatting about the idea and how we could move forward. Just turn up or contact Louise on 0796 184 2901.





During this stage, the group starts to develop its infrastructure. It has a name, probably a website, regular meetings and individuals have roles. This stage ends with formal constitution of some kind and the group now has a formal identity.

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