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Bridport Cohousing

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Bridport Cohousing has plans to create a cohousing neighbourhood of 34 homes and a common house in Bridport, Dorset, on a 4.5 acre site on the edge of the town.  These plans were boosted when the scheme was granted planning permission by West Dorset District Council on 11 Feb 2016.  

Members of the group are delighted with the support they have received from the people of Bridport, local councils and Locality; and to the Homes and Communities Agency and West Dorset District Council for significant funding towards the planning application.

The next stage involves working with our housing association partner as they fit this scheme into their development programme.  This is likely to be less straightforward than in the past because of changes in funding that legislation, currently going through Parliament, are likely to make.  We have a purchase option on the site and hope we will be taking it up soon.

Our original intention had been to create a reproducible model for mixed-tenure cohousing to make it easier for other groups to use in their development.  But the many financial and legal changes that have taken place in the years that we have been developing this project may limit that.  At this stage, as the first cohousing development in our area, we are pleased to have raised awareness among local people and councils of the validity of cohousing as a way of organising neighbourhoods for the future.  We look forward to making many other contributions to the cohousing movement.

Bridport Cohousing is a Community Land Trust, constituted as a Community Benefit Society.  Our professional advisers are Alan Heeks and Charles Couzens, our Architects are ‘barefoot architects’, and our landscape architects are ‘Little Thunder Studios’.

Members would be delighted to hear from others interested in becoming potential residents, particularly those who can give 8 hours a month to help the group achieve its goal. People who can give several days a month and have relevant professional skills for developing the project would also be particularly helpful.   For more information see


Bridport & Lyme Regis News
Plans to build a co-housing community in Bridport recommended for approval


This is the main project planning stage: acquiring the site, gaining planning permission, finding funding and tendering with a contractor. This stage concludes with signing off funding and moving on-site to start the construction works.
Regular Events: 
We hold regular café sessions, and in the summer walks and allotment sessions, where potential new members are welcome to meet us and find out more about our scheme. We hold about 3 formal public meetings a year where we present information about our scheme and invite people to find out more about becoming a member. These events are all listed on our Events page, and we post up any changes, eg cancelled events.
Contact Details: 
Email or Telephone 07890 660589

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