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Group Membership

Group Membership of the UK Cohousing Network

This membership category is for new and forming (one in the process of developing their cohousing homes and community) cohousing groups, and established (established cohousing community currently living in the cohousing community) cohousing groups who wish to support the Network at the same time as being supported by us.

Groups will:

  • Be able to nominate and elect Directors to the UKCN board. A majority of appointed company Directors have to be elected from Member Groups.
  • Be able to shape the policy agenda to support the delivery of cohousing
  • Be able to post a full profile in the groups directory on the UKCN website
  • Receive a marketing pack included in the first year of membership including a 'print your own' banner/poster and a video pack
  • Receive 30 Cohousing leaflets with free postage as part of the marketing pack (more can be purchased separately)
  • Have access to UKCN logo for website and materials
  • Receive UKCN badges as part of the marketing pack
  • 20% discount on a cohousing legal toolkit
  • Receive discounts on UKCN events and training
  • Discount (variable) on services offered by associate members
  • Have two different fee levels for established and developing groups 

Groups will also enjoy other freely available UK Cohousing Network services: 

  • Receive monthly e-bulletins
  • Be invited to attend networking events to meet like-minded 'cohousees'
  • Be able to access the resources section of website incorporating template documents and agreements 

Membership Fees: £55 per year for developing groups, £40 for established groups

Please note: Submitting an online application form means we receive your application and you will then receive an invoice. Once we have received payment, your membership will be confirmed, subject to approval by Directors of the UK Cohousing Network at the next Board meeting (which will not be unreasonably withheld).  We will create and activate a website account for you on receipt of the payment of the membership fee. 

To apply to become a Group Member of the UKCN, please click here.