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Get the message out about cohousing

Cohousing Groups, supporters and enablers of cohousing already play a huge role in raising the profile of cohousing to the wider community. Here are a few ideas about other activities you can do to increase awareness and gather local and regional support for your project:

  1. Join the UK Cohousing Network today. We are working hard to build a movement of people that will change how places are designed and built, putting the needs of people at the heart of community building.  Plus if you don't we wont exist in the years ahead - so use us or loose us!
  2. Sign up to the Networks, 'I support cohousing because..' campaign. We know from experience of supporting the development of cohousing that we need to show how excited a lot of people are about cohousing.
  3. We love to hear your news! Our website has between 6,000 to 7,000 visitors a month. The majority are new visitors. Keep your 'group' page up to date, tweet @ukcohousing and join the discussion on the cohousing facebook page. Sharing images and video is a very successful technique for raising your profile, pictures of your favourite cohousing activities, or communities, or perhaps your cohousing group fun activities such as pot luck dinners.
  4. Write to your local MP about the cohousing project you are involved with. Let them know about cohousing and why you think a cohousing project is needed in your community. Also what they can do to help. See the Cohousing Network campaign webpage for information about what measures are needed to help get more cohousing established.