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Cohousing in the News

A by-no-means-exhaustive list of recent cohousing news stories:

Community 2.0: Is cohousing the future of urban design? Towergate Insurance, 2015.  

Experiments in livingBBC Radio 4, 4th August 2015. (featuring OWCH)

Why we should build more homes of straw. Retire Move, 21st March 2015. (featuring Lilac)

BBC World at OneBBC Radio 4, 16th March 2015. (featuring LoCo)

London’s first ‘co-housing’ project is a triumph. Evening Standard Homes and Property, 25th February 2015. (featuring Copper Lane)

MacAulay and CoBBC Radio Scotland, 18th February 2015. (featuring Penington Cohousing) Not Currently Available

Cohousing: 'It makes sense for people with things in common to live together.' The Guardian, 16th February 2015. (featuring OWCH and LoCo)

Future-proof housing for the elderly. Designed2enable, 26th January 2015.

Cohousing: a model for tough times? British Gas Business, 5th January 2015. (featuring Copper Lane)

How to create happy communities through cohousing. The Guardian, 5th January 2015. (featuring Lilac, Cambridge K1 and OWCH)

Bridport eco-housing project given the thumbs up. Bridport and Lyme Regis News, 30th October 2014. (featuring Bridport Cohousing)

Co-Housing: Combating loneliness in Muswell Hill eco retirement development. Ham and High Property, 20th October 2014. (featuring Cohousing Woodside)

First of its kind Capitol Hill cohousing building breaks ground on 12th Avenue. Capitol Hill Seattle Blog, 8th October 2014.

Keeping cosy in LancasterRIBA Journal, 19th September 2014. (featuring Lancaster Cohousing)

Paul Chatterton on Lilac Leeds cohousing. Transition Network, 3rd October 2014. (featuring Lilac)

London's first co-housing scheme completesThe Architect's Journal, 14th July 2014. (featuring Copper Lane)

Observer Ethical Awards 2014 winners: Lancaster Cohousing. The Guardian, June 13th 2014. (featuring Lancaster Cohousing)

How to build a house... with 20 friends: Families all around the country are turning to cohousing. The Independent, 26th April 2014. (featuring Copper Lane)

Communal living: the future for families? The Telegraph, 20th April 2014. (featuring Laughton Lodge, Lewes)

New cohousing scheme brings people together. Granada TV, 4th June 2013. (featuring Lancaster Cohousing)

Strength in Numbers. Inside Housing, 24th May 2013. (featuring Lilac)

'Sociable' housing helps older people remain in the community. The Guardian, 21st May 2013.

The future's communal: Meet the UK's self build pioneers. The Guardian Art and Architecture Blog, 7th May 2013.

Sunday Morning with…. (1 hour 42mins in) BBC Radio Scotland, 5th May 2013. Not Currently Available

Communal Living for the Posh: cohousing catches on in the UK. The Financial Times, 28th April 2013. (NB we are not too keen on the title! and there are a few inaccuracies in the text but….You will need to register for a free FT account in order to read this article)

Eco-living - Why cohousing is the latest property trend. The Telegraph, 2nd April 2013.

You and Yours: National Trust, co-housing & the parking company kicked out of its own trade association. BBC Radio 4, 28th March 2013.

Supportive Communities Help Older People Stay Independent. The Guardian, 11th March 2013. Not Currently Available

Cohousing: A lifestyle with community spirit built into the foundations. The Guardian, 24th Feb 2013.

Could future of housing be Lilac? The Sunday Times, 3rd February 2013.

Britain's loneliness epidemicThe Guardian, Tuesday 22 January 2013. (featuring The Threshold Centre)

Come together: Could communal living be the solution to our housing crisis? The Independent, 13th November 2011. (featuring Springhill)