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Cohousing Network Trust

The Cohousing Network Trust is a new charitable company under-development, with an application for charitable status underway. The Cohousing Network Trust has clear charitable objectives and intent to support the development of cohousing for older people to prevent loneliness and isolation and to extend the wider public benefits of cohousing. The purpose of the Trust is to build capacity in economically and socially deprived communities to develop skills, increase self confidence and to encourage people to self manage their communities through the adoption of cohousing principles.

Cohousing is a way of living that vastly increases the active participation of older people in communities providing a framework to; age in place, live independently for longer and to live in social active self managed communities.

Senior Cohousing can be about age specific and intergenerational communities, depending on how older people choose to live. The Cohousing Network Trust intends to engage in activities that will both encourage the development of new cohousing communities, and using community development techniques, help to increase the skills, and self confidence of people that want  to adopt cohousing principles in existing streets and residential areas for people to be able to do so.

Cohousing is an empowering process with many intended and unintended benefits of developing effective, efficient and sustainable ways of living.

Cohousing Network Trust trustees:

Maria Brenton

John Goodman

Melanie Knock

The Trust is hoping to work with other charitable organisations and advocacy groups to achieve our objectives.