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Welcome to our blog! Every month we will have an article related to cohousing from the perspective of someone living in community, developing their cohousing group or working with a group. If you would lke to contribute to the blog, please email for more information.


July 2015

Life is all about timing.

If,  in tears and broke, you have ended a torrid love affair on Thursday night,  you are unlikely to be  in the mood to start a new one on Saturday morning, even if your ideal partner crosses your path while jogging in the park. The opportunity may never arise again. You are doomed to jog alone for the rest of your life or go with a second best. It is the story line of countless romantic movies, but it is also the script of the “Overlooked Cohousing.”  

It is a sad story. The story of a harassed school head who after a life of Read on for more...

June 2015

My cohousing is both bricks and mortar and a friendship network.  My cohousing is a community of people and the people are the cohousing. We, cohousers have very strong views about our cohousing: a beautiful creative place full of diverse lovely people; until we are confronted with prospective members. There is an edge to this new member business. For me a new member may be a worthy citizen, with all the right set of values, good ethical attitude and sound ecological principles. They may be the best cooks in the community and brilliant at dealing with blocked drains. But Read on for more...