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About the UK Cohousing Network

The Cohousing Network was established following the UK’s first Cohousing Conference in Lancaster in 2007, the UK Cohousing Network is the UK’s umbrella organisation with a mission to help communities to use the cohousing model to create better places to live by reducing isolation and loneliness, growing street level social capital to share facilities and services and the use of the model to reduce living costs. We exist as a resource point for anyone interested in finding out about cohousing, as well as providing an advice point for local councils, housing associations, and other organisations working to achieve social progressive change. Our primary focus is to find ways to make cohousing accessible, and to help shape the policy and public funding environment to achieve this goal (alongside other community led housing organisations and age advocacy organisations). 

The aims of the Network are to:

  • Be the 'go to' resource point for all things about cohousing,
  • Seek ways of making cohousing accessible,
  • Develop and maintain the cohousing website and other networking forums,
  • Create accessible learning opportunities to support the development of cohousing and to explore the wider community benefits of adopting cohousing principles,
  • Raise awareness of cohousing,
  • Undertake to shape the policy and funding environment to support the development of social connected and self managed neighbourhoods.

The Network has access to a range of associate advisors and consultants with direct experience of creating, initiating and making a success of community living and community owned  assets and enterprise.

The UK Cohousing Network is a Company Limited by Guarantee. No 06313462. Registered address: 9 Wickham Road, London, SE4 1PF.

Contact the Network via the contact form. We are currently funded by the Tudor Trust.