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Who we are - Current Directors and Staff

The Directors are responsible for the management of the Company’s business and, subject to the articles and directions given by special resolution, they may exercise all the powers of a Company for this purpose.  

The Board of Directors meet together for the despatch of business, usually up to four times a year, with additional Sykpe meetings as and when required. A Director is able to exercise the right to speak at a meeting of the Board of Directors and questions arising at meetings are decided by a majority of votes. In the case of an equality of votes, the chairperson shall have a second or casting vote.

Current UK Cohousing Network Directors (from May 2016)

  • Stephen Hill,  Group Member Director (Chair)
  • Phil McGeevor, Group Member Director (Cannock Mill, Colchester) (Vice Chair)
  • Neil Stephens, Individual Member Director (Treasurer)
  • Jackie Carpenter, Group Member Director (Trelay Farm, Cornwall)
  • Helen Jarvis,  Group Member Director (CoHut, Newcastle)
  • Laura Moss, Co-opted Director from Wrigley's Solictors LLP
  • Angela Vincent, Individual Member Director
  • Caroline MacFarland, Co-opted Director from covi
  • Dan Dunleavy, Individual Member Director
  • Chris Coates, Group Member Director (Lancaster, Lancs)

Current UK Cohousing Network Staff :


  • Maria Brenton (Cohousing Woodside, London) - Senior Cohousing Ambassador