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<p>We are exploring an idea of few 50-60 years old wanting to build our own community together, it&#39;s open for couples as well as singles, we already own the woodland in Crowmarch OX10 6QG, 10 miles from Henley on Thames, 15 miles from Oxford/Reading, 45 miles from London The top part was ex gravel pit, if our idea works and we get the planning approval, then each can buy their own plot and we all build together, limited places can also be on rental basis, we&#39;re exploring all options. We&#39;re keen on the input from the beginning, so each will end up having their own place exactly how they want it to be, but they also have to be part of the group and we all need to get on together and focus on the bigger picture. It&#39;s maximum 10 plots, it&#39;s NOT 1st come 1st serve, but rather how we all fit together and our plans for our future.</p> <p>Our next meeting in Sunday the 3rd May 2015</p>

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