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Building starts very soon on Britian's first ever affordable and ecological cohousing

Article in this week’s Yorkshire Post:


Estate agents are fond of describing the houses they’re trying to sell as “dream homes”.

However for two properties currently on the market in West Yorkshire, the description seems particularly apt – although thankfully, there is not an estate agent in sight.

From the Inde: "Come together: Could communal living be the solution to our housing crisis?"

Could communal living be the solution to our housing crisis?
Sarah Morrison visits five of the country’s ‘alternative’ co-habitational projects to find out.
‘The Independent’ SUNDAY 13 NOVEMBER 2011
See full article here


LILAC in The Self Build Guide

Another news article:

There are sill some homes available!

The Guardian writes again on Lancaster Cohousing

Cohousing offers a healthier way to live and a more sustainable business model

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Straw set for take-off with Flying Factories

Prefabricated buildings made from straw could prove a winner for farmers. Cath Harris reports on a Yorkshire success story.

Full Yorkshire Post article 22 August 2011

The Guardian on 'Housing co-ops: one way to find an affordable home'

Link to Guardian piece (29.07.11) on housing co-operatives


Threshold Centre opens Peace Garden

Threshold Centre seeks peace

Friends, residents and supporters of The Threshold Centre @ Cole Street Farm, Gillingham gathered together on Sat 21st May to celebrate the Centre’s first full year of operation as part of International Intentional Communities Day.

An open afternoon was followed by a short ceremony in which a peace pole was positioned in the middle of what is to become a peace garden in which residents and visitors can sit and reflect. David Milstead, Gillingham Mayor was invited to place the first clod of earth around the pole.


LILAC gets planning permission

After five years of work, the member-led LILAC project (which means Low Impact Living Affordable Community) has just received the go ahead to build 12 flats and eight houses on an old school site in Bramley, West Leeds. The application received no objections. With a £410,000 grant from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) under their belt, along with a major Social Enterprise Award, LILAC plan to start building this summer.


We're all in this together: the latest in contemporary communal living

Share your car, share childcare costs, share energy bills and share your organic allotment, but still enjoy the privacy of your own home.
See article by Angela Neustatter in the Independent, October 2010 here

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