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Anna's Blog - August 2016

On a sticky summer afternoon, we piled into a dark grand auditorium at the IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology) at Savoy Place, London for the Housing Design Awards 2016. I'd been invited to speak with Maria Brenton and Patrick Devlin of Pollard Thomas Edwards, at the seminar prior to the award ceremony. It was a great opportunity to showcase cohousing and OWCH in particular.


Anna’s blog - July 2016

Jane Cameron

After almost three wonderful weeks travelling around France and living 'en plein air’, enjoying several campsite shared meals with many nationalities, it was straight back into the thick of things with the final ESRC seminar at the London School of Economics, where I suddenly found myself as an impromptu speaker on housing finance.  The seminar was an opportunity to meet with new cohousing people and to catch up with some from previous seminars.


The importance of timing in cohousing building

July 2015

Life is all about timing.

If,  in tears and broke, you have ended a torrid love affair on Thursday night,  you are unlikely to be  in the mood to start a new one on Saturday morning, even if your ideal partner crosses your path while jogging in the park. The opportunity may never arise again. You are doomed to jog alone for the rest of your life or go with a second best. It is the story line of countless romantic movies, but it is also the script of the “Overlooked Cohousing.”