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Vivarium needs you!

Vivarium has a site for its Pilot Project at last.

Campion Homes have negotiated the purchase of Trynmuir which lies between Cupar, a market town, and Cuparmuir, a hamlet.

It is a sloping field with a walled garden to the south edge. This has allowed Kingdom Housing Association (through Kingdom Initiatives) to offer us the walled garden area to develop as our affordable cohousing pilot project.

It is a site that ticks all the boxes. Very exciting. We all loved this site but thought the purchase thereof would prove too difficult.

Now we need more group members to successfully carry forward the planning and execution of this lifestyle option.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact the Membership secretary, Judith Bryden,  tel. 01250 876345 or Clare Du Boulay  tel. 01337 868709, or Hugh Hoffman tel.01337 831403