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How to attract new members

Hi all, we're in the early stages of developing our project, looking for sites, etc.  We have recently changed from senior-only to intergenerational, and wish to attract new members outside our range of contacts.  Can we ask for ideas as to how to attract new members. 

We have a Facebook group, although we're not very active on it and realise that we need to do more.  I've linked to it here, and we would welcome comments on what we're posting, and how informative it is. We think we could post on Diggers and Dreamers, and will do so soon.  We have a website, but don't think many people are finding it.  We had a public meeting when we were senior-only, 15 people attended but none have become members, and only a couple came to any other meetings.

We think we may have to change the name, as vintage suggests over-50, but are waiting for inspiration!

What else could we do, and what were your most successful ways of attracting new members? Please reply on here if you are happy to do so, as this may help other developing groups.  For direct replies, contact or

Many thanks, Jan