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Webinar recording: Ask an Architect: Designing Cohousing

Friday 21st November 2014. Friday Lunchtime Cohousing Webinar

Neil Stephens. Senior Architect at ACD Architects and a Director of UK Cohousing Network presented an overview of cohousing design principles, drawing on experiences from UK projects and also talked through critical issues such as how to be a good client and prioritising features for devising a site criteria. In the discussion that followed the presentation, participants asked Neil for advice on a range of topics:

  • When to engage an architect?
  • when to start paying an architect?
  • What are the challenges and opportunities of building a development with different building designs, materials and so on?
  • Is there a cost benefit tool for evaluating different eco bling?
  • How much of the design process can a cohousing group do on their own?

Listen to the recording below.

Links to resources mentioned in the webinar session;

So You Want to Build a House see the chapters on construction and costs

Google Sketch Up Pro

Designing Cohousing. Ask an architect. 21-11-2014 12.00