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Introduction to Effective Decision Making for Cohousing Groups

Friday Lunchtime Webinar Recording

Gill and Perry from Rhizome Coop gave a brilliant introductory overview of effective decision making tools and techniques for cohousing groups to consider in the 27th November 2015 Lunch Time Webinar. This is a recording of the webinar.


Top 3 tips include:

  1. Learn to be an effective listener,
  2. Get to know your fellow residents/group members. Take time to appreciate different communication methods and behaviors,
  3. Blocking a decision is a big step, only to be undertaken after careful thought and reflection. There is a saying that a person should have a maximum three block allowance in a lifetime, so use them wisely.

The book Perry referenced is titled  Reinventing Organizations: A Guide to Creating Organizations Inspired by the Next Stage in Human Consciousness Paperback by Frederic Laloux



Consensus Decision Making - An overview of effective group decision making 27-11-2015 12 - Broadband