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Cohousing Leaflet - Clusters of Homes with Shared Resources

The UK Cohousing Network has produced the attached key resource to explain:

  • What cohousing is about 
  • The key design principles of cohousing
  • The benefits of living in cohousing
  • What it is like to live in a cohousing community
  • The route to developing cohousing - how to start or join an existing community
  • Examples of cohousing communities developing and built across the UK
  • The work of the UK Cohousing Network and how you can get involved in cohousing and membership of the Network.

 Example page from the brochure describing how to develop a cohousing project. 

You can print the leaflet (attachment below) for your own use. Members of the Cohousing Network are entiled to copies and free postage of the leaflet as part of the marketing support offered by the UK Cohousing Network. Non members are asked to contribute to printing costs and postage if copies are requested (chargable cost depends on the numbers of leaflets required) . 

We hope that this will be a useful resource for cohousing groups, housing associations, local authorities and other enablers involved in supporting the development of cohousing in the UK.