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Cohousing Woodside December Update

Rachel Bollen

Burgeoning interest in this scheme over recent months has meant that we have already reached a critical mass of two-thirds of our eventual prospective buyers. Nowadays, our own publicity seems to be not quite so vital, as we are finding that more and more people who have cottoned on to the term 'cohousing' proceed to google it to find where it is being done in London. So demand seems to be pretty high and our meetings are well attended by keen, interested people looking for community. We are waiting for firm information from the developers (Hanover housing association and a joint venture partner) and, hopefully, in the New Year, things will begin to move on apace. It would be helpful to know prices and also to reach a clear understanding that the Common House is an integral part of any cohousing community. The estimated completion date for our scheme is mid-2017.


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Cohousing Woodside