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Vivarium, Fife

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Our project aims to be affordable, regardless of financial circumstances; we fully intend to live according to environmentally sound principles as far as possible, e.g. low carbon build; grow our own vegetables; sharing of facilities, etc. We welcome men and women from any background and culture, regardless of class, ethnicity, belief, disability, and sexuality.  Our policy is to value, share, and develop members’ talents and skills as much as possible. To this end members of Vivarium are expected to commit themselves, according to their ability, to participating in taking the project forward to its realisation and eventual ongoing maintenance.

Vivarium is for people who choose to live in a positive, co-operative and responsible manner with family, friends, neighbours and the environment.

Recent research shows that housing options for older people are limited and do not meet the needs of a population who are increasingly active, and who are seeking to retain their full cognitive faculties for as long as possible whilst wishing to enjoy a sense of dignity and self worth. It is against this backdrop that Vivarium was born.

Vivarium Trust Interview. 2014.

Mireille Sampson, a Fife-based housing blogger recently interviewed some members of the Vivarium Trust, a cohousing group in Fife  who is planning to develop a cohousing pilot project in association with Kingdom Initiatives.

The focus is on finding a site and raising money. The group will have to work up a business plan and may have commissioned some feasibility studies. They may have their first experience of small scale contracts with professionals. This stage ends when a ‘definite’ site is found. There may be several iterations of this stage.
Regular Events: 
Regular open meetings on the last Sunday of each month, to which all are welcome. Announced on our website.

Vivarium finds a site!

Rachel Bollen

Vivarium has a site for its Pilot Project at last.

Campion Homes have negotiated the purchase of Trynmuir which lies between Cupar, a market town, and Cuparmuir, a hamlet.

It is a sloping field with a walled garden to the south edge.

This has allowed Kingdom Housing Association (through Kingdom Initiatives) to offer us the walled garden area to develop as our affordable cohousing pilot project.

It is a site that ticks all the boxes. Very exciting. We all loved this site but thought the purchase thereof would prove too difficult.