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The Vibe Collective

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We are already a working community but living in our own homes. We are looking to grow and intend to develop a co-housing small holding situation in Teeside

\thus we are working towards: 'A co-housing community that lives together with a reduced carbon footprint, and a centre serving the wider community that helps people mend and learn in beautiful surroundings with a fully inclusive ethos.'Community already working but in our own homes. Looking to grow and have an intension to develop a co-housing small holding situation: eco, low impact, creative, self sufficient, educational: self builds, affordable housing, rentals - all trust held.?

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We have some members who are also members of a community called ‘The Vibe’ [] who share life and endeavour to live by common values based on the teaching of Jesus. The Vibe Collective community will be open to anyone who wants to have less of an impact on the world and work to make life better for everyone and involvement in any spiritually based rhythm of life will be completely optional.

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