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VEGANICcohousing (formerly Eco-housing Brighton)

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We're looking for people who live locally or nearby and are already fully committed vegans or vegetarians, passionate about animal rights and who share our core eco values and left wing world view 


We need people with different kinds of skills such as gardening, permaculture, building, legal, people skills, herbal medicine, computer etc and who can give time and energy to all aspects of this project and form a close and sharing community 


Ecological concerns are very important to this community and these would be the driving force behind the installation of high quality solar thermal or photovoltaic panels and or a domestic wind turbine with a feed in tariff, incorporating rainwater harvesting, underfloor heating, a wood burning stove and a communal fruit and veg growing area using permaculture

Where renovation and development are necessary, recycled and or locally sourced building materials will be used together with maximum energy efficiency measures

There will be composting and there could be a compost toilet

Rescued chickens and domestic animals as pets will be welcome 


During this stage, the group starts to develop its infrastructure. It has a name, probably a website, regular meetings and individuals have roles. This stage ends with formal constitution of some kind and the group now has a formal identity.
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