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Stroud Harbour Community

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Stroud Harbour Community Mutual Home Ownership Society Ltd is a fully mutual co-operative housing society, owned and run by its members. It is registered as an Industrial and Provident Society and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The Society provides the legal and organisational structure to own property for rent or lease to its members who form co-housing communities with an ethos of affordability, security, sustainability, sharing resources and self-government. The heart of Harbour communities is companionship with mutual care and support and a vibrant social and cultural activity bringing meaning and purpose into people’s lives. Older, and vulnerable people, often isolated and lonely in society, will find them particularly attractive, but there are no age limits set for membership.

We currently own three houses, and rent a further two, for the Rowan Community, an existing intentional community in Dursley, Gloucestershire, whose eleven members rent the properties from Stroud Harbour Community, with some of them holding equity shares. Further properties in the Stroud area are being sought for rent or lease to other groups of interested members.

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