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Still Green (Third Age Cohousing MK)

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Still Green’s vision is to create a highly sustainable, socially inclusive and self-reliant cohousing community, which whilst focused on the needs of people aged 55 and over, has a minority of all-age households, to ensure a range of ages and to create a vibrant active community.

We aspire to have homes designed with us and not for us; to create a green development with gardens and trees and a high standard of sustainability; to be a mixed tenure community including people in different financial circumstances in rented and shared ownership units as well as for purchase; to be about more than buildings with continuing good neighbourliness and shared responsibility for common ground and facilities; and in due course to share our experiences with others.

The focus is on finding a site and raising money. The group will have to work up a business plan and may have commissioned some feasibility studies. They may have their first experience of small scale contracts with professionals. This stage ends when a ‘definite’ site is found. There may be several iterations of this stage.
Regular Events: 
Monthly socials, with Board Meetings and other meetings as required.
Materials and Documents: 
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Still Green New Year 2017 Update

Jo Paton

We attracted several new and prospective members over the autumn. 

As well as our public event on January 21st, reflective sessions are scheduled in February.  These are for those wishing to talk through what they may be looking for, and what cohousing asks of its members.  Joining is not a casual decision, so these sessions may be useful even if Milton Keynes is not where you are hoping to live.  Of course, they are also a chance to get to know the members of Still Green - future friends and neighbours possibly.
Get in touch to find out when and where.